too busy to exercise

Too busy to exercise?

Did you know that British people on average spend 8.9 hours per day sitting down?

Impact's Emma Milligan shares some easy top tips on how to fit exercise into your day.

Protect your lunch hour. Make the most of those precious 60 minutes! Instead of eating lunch at your desk go for a walk or a run. It's also proven to make you more productive at work.

Mix up your commute. Walk, bike, run to work. If you take public transport get off one or two stops early and walk the rest of the way.

Wake up early. Get up 30 minutes earlier than you normally do and use the extra time for exercise, walk or run round the block or do some exercises at home, whatever suits you, the options are endless.

Be active whilst watching TV. Reject your inner couch potato. We all love to keep up to date with our favourite programs – why not get off the couch and pop in a few sit-ups or press-ups whilst watching. Keep a skipping rope or set of dumbbells close by and visible as a reminder to use them!

Join a new class. It's great to try something new and why not join with a friend – it's a great motivator if you make a commitment with someone else.

Travelling for work. Plan ahead, take your trainers or skipping rope, look for a venue with fitness facilities and of course ditch the lift and hit those stairs.

Set yourself a challenge. Sign up for an event, it's a great motivator to train towards something, not to mention the sense of achievement when you've completed it. Even better sign up with your partner or friend - you can train together and keep each other motivated and it also throws a little healthy competition into the mix ;)

Happy exercising!