Julie Robinson

Off to a good start

Finding the right person with the right skillset is a costly and time-consuming exercise. With this in mind it’s vital to get off to a good start, giving your induction process the attention it deserves. Get it wrong and you risk finding yourself with confused, frustrated, disengaged new talent. Get it right and you’ll reap the benefits right from day one. Impact’s HR Manager, Julie Robinson, shares some of our secrets.


Focus on culture and values

At Impact relationships are everything. The rapport we have with our clients, partners and with each other is the cornerstone of our business.
It is therefore no surprise that the success and happiness of each new employee is built on how well we integrate them into the business and their team. Success involves ensuring they understand our structure, culture, values and (perhaps most importantly) the heritage upon which we have built our business.
One of the unique elements of Impact’s induction process is the way we introduce new recruits and functional heads to each other. We give every functional head the opportunity to take the employee away from the business and share with them a hobby or experience of their choice. This enables the new inductee to quickly get to know the ‘real person’ behind the function– building a strong solid foundation and relationship outside of the workplace as well as within.
Recent new employees have experienced ghyll scrambling, mountain biking, sailing, cultural activities – oh, and a few pubs on the way! These experiences, along with the fact that we actively encourage as many meetings as possible to be carried out as a walk-and-talk or something adventurous, certainly seem to accelerate a sense of acceptance and belonging.

Buddy system

In addition to weekly meetings with their manager, we aim to match each new starter with a “buddy” whose role is to focus on social and networking activities to help the “newbie” settle into the Impact culture. Having a buddy ensures the new employee has someone to go to as a first port of call with small issues, to catch them before they become big ones! 
In addition it is a good way to provide development for existing staff members’ skills too. The buddy gains valuable mentoring and leadership skills, which are in turn useful within the business.

The Internal Programme  - the cherry on the cake!

All new recruits finish their induction schedule by participating in Impact’s unique internal development programme known as “Inspire & Develop” (It also has a nickname internally, but you’ll have to get a job with us to find out what that is!)
This programme is a week-long residential team build and personal development event, open to employees from all the different functions and countries of the Impact family - run by our people for our people.
Renowned as a life-changing experience, Impact’s new recruits are taken on a powerful and challenging development journey, with sensitive, skilled facilitation. Employees find themselves confronting their fears, pushing boundaries and tapping into capabilities they never knew they had!
As well as being an amazing bonding experience where life-long friendships are formed, many new recruits claim this experience has set them on development paths they were previously unaware off.Learning is readily applied back in the office, participants always displaying a newfound sense of self-awareness, positivity and contribution.

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