A day in the life of...Jen from Google

Jen Alexander is a Programme and Marketing Lead at Google Digital Academy. She shared with us the typical day in the life of a Googler.


Impact: What does a typical day in your life look like?

Jen: Well, it's really hard to define 'typical' - no day is the same for me, but I'll give it a shot. I get up at 6am with the aim to leave for the station to catch the 7:10am train. I'll then get into the office for my favorite (and most important) meal of the day - breakfast! I'll then spend some time planning for an upcoming Squared intake, which involves finding approximately 30 speakers from across the industry, recruiting participants, drafting contracts and other general day-to-day tasks. I'd also work closely with my colleagues from across the globe to ensure their Squared courses are running smoothly. In addition to this I'll spend some time developing the Google Digital Academy marketing plan; working on our brand, PR and events strategy. I also spend time on our Talent Revolution initiative, where we provide a 'health-check' for organisations on their digital skills. Oh, and in between this I'll be eating lots of food and staying fueled with coffee :) On a good day I'll aim to leave the office at 5pm as I have a number of evening activities including ballet, singing and eating at many of London's awesome restaurants.

Impact: How do you make the most of your commute?

Jen: The commute from Hampshire to London takes about an hour. In this time I do tend to check in on any emails that have come in overnight and then make a to-do list for the day. Once this is done I sit back, relax and read or listen to music.

Impact: Tell us your secret for de-stressing?

Jen: I love to run or take a yoga class during lunch breaks, this really helps to clear my head and takes me away from my inbox and my desk for an hour. I especially like running outside, the fresh air wakes me up so I'm ready to take on whatever comes my way in the afternoon.

Impact: What's the most exciting/challenging part of your job?

Jen: I love travelling. I am currently in Dubai delivering a workshop to young creatives at the Lynx Festival on marketing in a digital age. For me this was both nerve-wracking, as it was the first time I'd delivered the session, and thrilling as I'd never been to Dubai and thoroughly enjoyed working with the team out here!

Impact: Which are the apps you can't live without?

Jen: WhatsApp - I love to chat to my friends! I also use Map My Run to track how fast and far I am running! I'm also a regular G+, Facebook and Twitter user - you can follow me at @jennifer_dee.

Impact: How do you stay informed on what's going on in the digital world?

Jen: I sign up for a LOT of newsletters and keep my finger on the pulse by chatting to lots of very interesting people who work in different areas of digital. Networking is so important for your career, but also a good way of knowing what's hot and what's not in our industry.

Impact: Could you recommend us a good event to go to in 2015?

Jen: Tricky! I would recommend the big ticket items like Cannes Lions and SXSW, but you can find some great content close to home. I really enjoy attending locally organised TEDx events, as the speakers are often so inspiring! An example would be the London Business School TEDx event in April.