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Key differentiators

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Impact's fully custom and tailored design approach delivers behavioral development that transfers to the job because it is all about participants’ real business leadership issues.

double win design approach

‘Double Win’ Design Approach

The L&D win, by developing targeted competencies to close individual leadership gaps; and the Business Impact win, by engaging participants in solving real business issues through business-centered experiential learning – increasing organizational leadership effectiveness while building the bench.

leadership development journey

Leadership Development 'Journeys'

Powerful and sustained behavioral development that is pulled through to the job – not one-off, check-the-box training.

pull behaviour facilitation

‘Pull Behavioral’ style of Expert Facilitation

Not an academic/cognitive Death by PowerPoint ‘push content’ approach. Challenging and immersive development experiences where participants utilize personal leadership to increase self-awareness and grow leadership capacity. Not ‘sit and listen’ training – participants must ‘bring it’ and engage fully