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Why we do it

Our ambition is to build organisations that are worth working for.

Every organisation needs a clear purpose

Why does your organisation exist? Why is it trying to do what it is doing?

These are central questions that every organisation needs to be able to answer effectively.

For us our purpose is clear. It is to help build organisations that are worth working for.

“Building an organisation worth working for is what we have been doing in Impact since 1980. We have won many awards as a great place to work; we attract and keep extraordinary talented people on the basis of how we are with each other, with our clients and with society”
David Williams, Founder and CEO, Impact

We know that it is only through our organisations that we will successfully meet the challenges and opportunities we face as a global community.

We believe therefore that every organisation must become the best expression of human ingenuity, endeavour and enterprise.

All organisations should be vibrant places that inspire meaningful action and create enduring value for their customers, suppliers, employees, owners, investors and citizens.

How do we identify such organisations, what characteristics do they share, how do they operate, what are their leaders doing, how does it all come together?

In our view the simplest, most compelling way of identifying the sort of organisation the world needs is that it is widely regarded as an organisation worth working for.

'What we especially appreciated in working with Impact was having a truly experienced design partner who dared to ask relevant questions about the main strategic agenda of our firm.'

Patrick Wolf, Key Talent Leadership Development, UBS