who we are

Who we are

We are an independent multi-award winning global creative change agency - focused on transforming the impact of leadership action in organisations.

Leading to change

Impact help organisations to change.

Our expertise is rooted in 39 years of designing custom solutions for organisations confronting a need to adapt, change and grow. We work at the boundary between the people strategy and the organisations development strategy, connecting and developing both.

Introducing Impact

Our work focuses on leadership and especially on transforming the quality and effectiveness of leadership action across an organisation.

We have learned that all the things that organisations need and want to change (performance, agility, engagement, innovation, talent management, middle management performance, cultural change, etc.) depend on the same thing; effective leadership action from everyone, everywhere, everyday.

Ultimately it is leadership action, the thing that leaders actually do, that builds an organisation that is worth working for, worth investing in, worth being a customer of or a supplier to.

We are working with teams all over the world to build the leadership action culture that makes change happen.

As a learning organisation, we too have continued to adapt and change. We regularly win awards as a great place to work and are proud to be recognised as a responsible organisation.

What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing.