Raytheon Company is a technology and innovation leader specialising in defence, homeland security and other government markets throughout the world.

Graduate Leadership Development Programme

Summary: A two year Graduate Development Programme, looking at leadership skills for Generation Y. During the multi-modular programme we explore and develop personal leadership, business focus and strategic thinking.


Raytheon recruit ambitious graduates who they believe will develop into the company’s leaders of the future. The graduates are given a real job from day one, and are expected to start adding value immediately. Raytheon wanted to introduce an integrated development programme that would run in conjunction with technical training delivered within individual business areas.


Raytheon chose Impact UK to work in partnership with them to design and deliver a multi-modular programme that would develop the personal and business skills that the graduates will need to become effective leaders in the future.

Our programme has been specifically designed to develop leadership behaviours for Generation Y – individuals who are not yet leaders themselves.

Each module brings our three programme principles to life:

  • Owning my career – self awareness, driving personal development, networking and growth in the organisation
  • Customer-centric – understanding, establishing relationships and fostering collaboration with internal and external customers
  • Driving the business – promoting innovation, understanding strategy and providing agile leadership


Raytheon and Impact have created a structured two-year leadership development programme that incorporates classroom based and experiential learning alongside the graduate’s day-to-day work. Impact facilitators work with the graduates throughout the entire journey.

Engage – an introduction to the key principles of leadership, understanding individual and team working preferences.
Consult – graduates explore how to engage and influence others, considering the personal behaviours and mindset needed to influence and communicate effectively and in providing a customer-centric approach.
Lead – building commercial awareness and business acumen with a focus on understanding business opportunities and the implications of working inter-culturally and internationally.
Strategic Thinking – an introduction to strategic thinking by looking at the principles of creating a strategy and gaining an insight into the Raytheon UK Strategy.
Business Simulation – graduates further develop their business acumen, by running a business as part of a simulation, with the opportunity to put acts of leadership and strategy into action.
Community Action Learning Project – graduates are challenged with running a business project for a community partner, focusing on a key strategic challenge that requires business skills and leadership to manage. This is an opportunity to put previous learning into action.


"Eighteen months into the Graduate Leadership Development Programme (GLDP) and I can truly say that it has been such a great experience. The activities we have undertaken with GLDP have ranged from learning presentation skills, understanding your impact in a team, to having a lot of fun along the way with team building activities, such as white water rafting and rock climbing. The external training we are fortunate enough to receive, as well as on-the-job training has helped me to build on my career at an early stage."
Class of 2012