Team Development Programme

Many teams use the first few months of the year to think about strategy, reviewing the past year and planning how they will achieve their objectives for the year ahead…often with growing expectations to achieve more with current or reduced resource.

Teams are a critical engine for driving organisational performance. With increasing complexity of problems and a rising pace of change, few organisations can afford to ignore the potential power of highly functioning teams. 

Teams that take action

What we have learned over the years is that high performing teams are great at taking leadership action to achieve their organisation’s objectives. This is the focus of our approach and informs the customised design of our team development work.

We know that leadership makes the difference between success and failure in any venture from the personal, professional to organisational and societal.

The leadership quality that we are particularly interested in is the quality of the action that is taken. In our experience those organisations who are successful enable their people to take action in the moment for the good of the organisation.

The team development experience

Our two-day team development programme is designed to build your team's capacity for effective action.

We use our experiential learning approach to:

  • Review and get clear on team goals, deliverables and outcomes and the strategy for achieving them
  • Deep dive into team dynamics exploring what is needed to transform the team’s ability to take action
  • Design learning strategies that support the team's continuing drive towards excellence in delivering outcomes
  • Review wider health and wellbeing related strategies that underpin individual and collective performance

How do we do it?

We use four key tools to achieve a step change in the capacity of your team to take effective action. These are:

  • Team Performance Inventory (TPI). The TPI is Impact’s online diagnostic tool for developing team performance. Using the TPI teams are able to better assess the strength and development areas that exist within the team and initiate specific projects and interventions that will allow the team to develop those areas that prove challenging.
  • Different environment. Any team can get into a rut as patterns of thought and action become entrenched through familiarity. We know the power of putting teams into new and unfamiliar environments that create the opportunity to see the familiar differently and to break out of our usual patterns and behaviours.
  • Adventurous discomfort. Stretching teams means getting them out of the familiar comfort zone and pushing into and through new challenges into new insights and new learning. We are experts at using adventure with purpose as a learning tool, creating experiences that help participants generate fresh insight into what is needed to achieve a step change in performance.
  • Going the Distance (GTD). GTD is a programme in its own right and is focused on an approach to wellbeing that is vital to sustain performance. We take elements of our GTD approach to provide practical tools that teams can use to manage and maximise energy.

The perfect backdrop

Our unique venues in the heart of the spectacular Lake District are far removed from the traditional corporate training world and the distractions of work and offer the perfect environment for participants to learn and develop, re-energise and refocus.

The Lake District landscape also provides an unparalleled range of opportunities to incorporate outdoor and adventure elements into your development programme. Please see the video below for a birds eye view of our HQ!


To find out more about our two-day team development programme and explore how we can help you, your teams and your organisation then adam [dot] sedgwick [at] impactinternational [dot] com (subject: Team%20Development%20Programme%20Enquiry) (get in touch today).