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Harnessing Talent

Harnessing the talents of everyone in your organisation is at least as important  as the identification of your high potentials.

Liberating brilliance

Recruiting talented people isn’t enough.

We need talent to deliver, to perform. Too often we see talent wasted.

We see too many organisations struggle to create the conditions where everyone can bring their experience, qualifications and savvy to bear in creating and delivering value.

We see talent under used, under motivated and organisations under performing.

We need to find ways of liberating the brilliance of people in service to our organisational goals.

To turn this around we need to transform the ability of leaders to get the best out of people. Some of that starts with getting the best out of ourselves first.

We also need to engage with the mindsets, assumptions, motives and values that can either help or hinder each of us from bringing the best versions of ourselves to work every day.

In our focus on qualifications, on experience and job specific skills we often miss the meta-level skills that drive personal performance.

These are the capabilities that see people with similar backgrounds and skill levels have very different levels of impact in their work.

Experiential learning approaches are uniquely able to operate at this meta-level. 

Our solutions engage the emotions and build the capacity for active reflection on personal performance through a direct encounter with the specific contexts that are driving the need to improve.

It works.

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