What does success look like for you?


Results and ROI

If we didn't do the business, we wouldn't be in business.

Impact is committed to measuring the success and return on investment for every piece of work we deliver.

Often, the nature of the return is financial and based on business data. Equally, it may be related to behaviour or attitude change, the acquisition of new skills or simply reaching an agreed level of satisfaction.

As part of the Learning Journey process, our consultants will discuss and define the nature of the ROI with you, clearly linking it to the type of solution we are providing.

We always

  • Clarify the business context and identify exactly where we can add value
  • Define measurable learning objectives that are clearly aligned to the business need
  • Identify the most appropriate evaluation strategy

Presenting the results

As standard best practice, every Impact intervention is followed by a report that details the initial business context and learning objectives, supported by facilitator observations and feedback from participants and observers.

Where a more detailed analysis of results is required, we work in partnership with our clients to:

  • Identify and agree how and where behaviour change and business impact will be seen
  • Identify business focused activities such as action learning, business projects, and 1:1 coaching that support and enhance learning, whilst also providing measurable performance data that can contribute towards the evaluation
  • Track and quantify behaviour change and business impact and report back.

The evaluation strategies that we apply vary across situations and depend on the nature of the intervention and the needs and expectations of our clients and their stakeholders. Wherever possible we strive to track, highlight and record the business and behavioural impacts that result from our interventions.