Relief and Development

To help organisations more effectively serve people living in crisis

Our Ambition

Impact has 30 years' experience of catalysing leadership and change for multinationals and government institutions. In 2006 the Relief and Development Group was launched as a specialist consultancy to help organisations more effectively serve people living in crisis.

Our Services

Our work lies in generating personal, team, organisational, and ultimately systemic, leadership action. In this way, we serve our clients by:

1. Helping existing relief and development agencies work more effectively
•    Team development and leadership development
•    Change management & organisational development
•    Coaching for senior managers
•    Strategic reviews and evaluations
•    Operational support

2. Catalysing action from the private sector to serve people living in crisis
•    Developing new business strategies
•    Partnership brokerage
•    Implementation support

3. Forging cross-sector ventures to inspire systemic leadership action
•    Concept innovation
•    Feasibility studies and strategy planning
•    Policy development
•    Multi-stakeholder facilitation

Who we are

Impact is not a traditional actor. It is not just about the services we offer, but also about the way in which we approach our work. Privately owned, we rely upon commercial success to survive, but we are driven by our values and our determination to make a lasting difference to the people and organizations we work with.

We seek to bring new solutions, innovation and creativity to our clients. For us it is about exploring new possibilities and working with the best people to realise them. This means:
•    Bringing accountability for genuine impact
•    Combining humanitarian principles with commercial excellence
•    Bridging the non-profit, private and government sectors
•    Harnessing a global presence across 15 regional offices
•    Working with excellent people with diverse talents

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