Outdoor Based Learning

Impact was the first commercial company to deliver outdoor-based development programmes.

We still provide programmes with outdoor and adventure elements, but the method has been extended and refined over three decades of practice. We have learnt that we can find the same extraordinary power to promote individual and group transformation in business projects, journeys, community action learning and other methods that integrate experiential learning and business education.

The term ‘Outdoor Management Development’ (OMD) was itself originated by Impact to help differentiate the use of the outdoors in support of mainstream management and organisational development from uncritical use of outdoor activities for corporate and OD purposes.

The essential argument for OMD is that the education and development of pragmatic, open, persuasive and collaborative managers cannot be achieved by intellectual means alone. Management also has relational and emotional aspects and is often a matter of producing optimal solutions quickly and without moral compromise. Outdoor projects provide a low-consequence arena for experimenting with and practicing behaviour options and decision processes.

Our portfolio of outdoor projects has been accumulated over more than 30 years. They range from short icebreakers and energisers to full-scale journey programmes and community action projects across the globe.

Eclipse is Impact’s events agency. They work with a fantastic range of clients, designing, creating and delivering exciting and motivating events that achieve business objectives.

Eclipse was established to provide outdoor and experiential activities for corporate clients, private groups and individuals. We continue to provide outstanding outdoor adventure and skills training. We work with an impressive range of corporate clients offering team challenges, team building events and corporate ‘fun’ days. We also provide technical services to other Management Consultants and People Development organisations wanting to broaden their own portfolio of services by partnering with us. To visit the Eclipse website please click here.

The safety and security of outdoor learning participants is clearly an important aspect of outdoor, journey or community-based programme. Impact offers the highest standard of technical expertise, equipment and safety management systems uniformly across all operations and countries. View our safety policy.

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