Learning in the Community

Impact is dedicated to giving something back to the community in which we operate.  To this end David Williams (CEO and Founder of Impact) has entitled each person within Impact to 3 days each year to take part in a community project of their choice.

Learning in the Community was launched internally in March 2005. During the last financial year 74 people took part in 176.5 days of LITC helping out 25 local community partners.

Our proposition for Learning in the Community

- taking part in a community project should be developmental, enjoyable, challenging and rewarding.

- it should be beneficial to the employee and their performance at work.  Benefits can be gained in terms of professional development, retaining talent, business performance and progression of skills.

- we are able to offer a wide range of projects to our staff.  If none of these meet the needs of our employees we actively encourage staff to seek their own projects.  This encourages staff to find projects which are meaningful to them within their direct communities e.g. local village schools.  

Please click here to read some examples of our Learning in the Community