British Embassy Japan

Personal Efficiency Programme


Impact facilitated a Team Development Day for the UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) section of the British Embassy in Japan. The event aimed to foster improved communication across the Tokyo-Osaka UKTI groups, comprising of the Commercial and IIG teams in the two cities

To build on the progress made through the Team Day and to address ongoing challenges, the commercial section of the Embassy asked Impact to help them further improve on the team’s efficiency.


Seven members of the commercial team were selected to pilot a Personal Efficiency Programme (PEP) to reduce subconscious work habits that negatively impact work efficiency. The programme also focused on improving effectiveness of communication, information sharing and work prioritisation.

The participants undertook three days’ of intensive PEP training, consisting of morning seminar sessions followed by afternoon coaching at their desks.

The programme was spread over a six-week period to firmly embed new habits and behaviours. Design of the programme included a built-in element providing participants with the time to make changes and alterations.


Comparison of pre and post-event assessments, completed by the participants, revealed reduced stress and less procrastination. In addition, they experienced a 20% improvement in work efficiency and a 17% increase in time spent focusing on key priorities, with an overall 27% average performance improvement.

PEP is a powerful experiential development opportunity that enjoys greater results than many other time management and efficiency programmes.

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