Richard Little

I came to Impact for 6 months and stayed for 25 years

Phil Poole
Global Safety Advisor


Richard Little


Richard Little


Job title
Senior Consultant

Last book you read?
Rorty – "Contingency, Irony and Solidarity"

Your heroes include...?
Ruskin, Mary Midgely, Dave Williams, Coleridge

Favourite line from a film?
"Is that any of your business? I could make it my business. I could make your business my business. Oh, you wouldn't like it. The pay's too small" - Humphrey Bogart in The Big Sleep

Your best day at Impact (so far...)?
11th May 1989

Who makes you laugh?
My mum

Last journey you took?
Took my mum to Norway last week, dropped her in a fjord, only joking

What’s on your desk?
I haven’t got one (a desk)

Proudest moment at work?
I am obliged to say that it followed upon the completion of the Corporate Market Programme for Barclays, probably about 1997 – it was a good partnership with lovely people, a well-executed analysis & design, brilliant events & programmes over a couple of years and perfectly clear results. We went to a party in some posh Barclays corporate party-spot and I got drunk and could have spoiled everything (but I didn't, so it was a fantastic evening)

How do you deal with stress?
I worry about it a lot

Favourite place?
Can I have several? Thank you. Glen brittle campsite, Porthcurno, Omote-sando, Betty’s Café in Harrogate (it’s why they have the CIPD conference there)

3 people you’d have dinner with (dead or alive)?
Yoshiko, Yoshiko, Yoshiko, also Boris if he promises to behave, Yoshiko, Verity Bellouere (only fair), my mum, Yoshiko

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