Impact Aid

Impact Aid is Impact’s own charitable foundation that raises and donates money to charitable causes.

Established in 1996
Raised over £35,000
Helped over 200 charitable causes

Impact International make a donation to the fund for every single participant that takes part in one of our UK based programmes. Combined with our own fundraising activities and generous client donations, we are now able to help many more charities.

Each year, we ask our employees to nominate and then vote for a chosen charity.

In 2015 we are proud to announce that we have chosen Teenage Cancer Trust as our charity partners.

In addition to our chosen charity, we provide funds and resources (where available) for other causes. As most of the money is raised internally, donations reflect the collective wishes of the company, so the causes we support can be as diverse as our people. Monies are donated to local, national and international charitable causes that are:

  •  Connected to our people
  •  Connected to our local communities
  •  Connected to our clients

For more information, to support our fundraising or to apply for a donation please contact impactaid [at] impactinternational [dot] com

Charitable support

You can find out more about our chosen charities below, or you can scroll through the images below for more examples of charitable causes we have supported.

2015: Teenage Cancer Trust

2014: South Lakeland Carers