High Performance Coaching

Impact's offerings for High Performance Coaching fall into two distinct categories:

Coaching Skills for Managers and Leaders

Tailored programmes developing the skills and confidence of managers and leaders enabling them to continually nurture the capability and commitment of their people. With a Performance Mindset© participants can focus on developing the performance of their people as an integral part everyday management.

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Individual and Executive Coaching

Expert individual facilitation to support the leadership development of your senior managers.These one-to-one conversations take place in one of two main contexts. Interventions may be an individually commissioned and tailored sequence of meetings in support of an individual's professional development or can be an integral part of the learning support provided in a structured development programme. The latter will often be a multi-modular programme attended by a group or team of participants.

Conversations are ideally run face-to-face, in a distraction-free environment and are confidential to the individual concerned. Telephone support is always available to complement these meetings and the virtual space is an option for internationally-based clients.

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More Information

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