Business Facilitation

In the modern business landscape, organisations are constantly challenged to improve their performance simply to survive. New ways of thinking are required to adapt to the changing marketplace, consumer and environmental demands. Organisations need their leadership teams to be agile, responsive and innovative – and to move forward with a collective resolve. Impact's business facilitation training can help.


Effective, open and creative dialogue is a powerful and essential mechanism to shape future vision, strategy and tactics. A skilled Impact facilitator can help to coach your leadership teams towards this level of dialogue – creating structures for exploration and decision-making, challenging the team's processes and behaviours and providing external perspectives and benchmarking.


Impact brings 30 years of facilitation experience to your unique business issues. Our senior consultants work alongside your leaders, helping them to develop a deeper understanding and stronger connection with the real challenges you face - generating extraordinary solutions for extraordinary times.

The organisational benefits are multi-layered. A facilitated Impact process provides a powerful development experience that goes far beyond the immediate solutions that will be generated. Your leadership teams will develop a unity, sense of common purpose and collective responsibility - helping them to work effectively together to create a sustainable future.

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