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Impact’s Senior Consultant Liz Wilson on the creative approach to learning. - Read More...
Posted by Guest Author on 08.03.16
When it comes to agility, it’s common practice to cast large organisations as being monolithic, unadaptable and slow-moving and smaller businesses as more nimble, fluid and responsive. One is an ocean-liner, the other a jet-ski. This is, of course, a simplistic view. Just as small - Read More...
Posted by davidw on 03.03.14
We ran our first Impact Conference back in 1998, when celebrity speakers were all the rage, and wacky sound effects heralded the arrival of each new Powerpoint slide. Things have changed a great deal since then, and when it comes to hosting events, we’ve had to adapt quickly. In its - Read More...
Posted by davidw on 16.07.13
In part one of this blog entry on external collaboration we discussed whether it was possible to collaborate with competitors, what the risks are and how best to manage them. Here, in part two, I'll be - Read More...
Posted by davidw on 21.08.12
For many organisations, the economic downturn is proving to be the perfect time to focus on innovation. Big global challenges create big global markets and sticking to business as usual means missing out on - Read More...
Posted by davidw on 25.01.12
VUCA is an acronym used by the American Military to describe extreme conditions in Afghanistan and Iraq. It stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. This terminology is resonating with an increasing number of CEOs as we try to make sense of the constantly changing - Read More...
Posted by davidw on 10.01.12