Back in 1989, Charles Handy wrote about the emergence of “portfolio workers”, individuals who reject the notion of a single, permanent job, instead using their varied skills, interests and achievements to secure a number of often-temporary roles with a variety of organisations. This - Read More...
Posted by davidw on 20.02.13
Learnfest: Talent 2013
Bookworms go to The Hay Festival, music lovers flock to Glastonbury, petrolheads race to CarFest, so what's stopping the world of Learning & Development having their own 'Festival of Learning' and blurring the lines between learning and fun. Answer - nothing!  That's why at Impact - Read More...
Posted by davidw on 07.02.13
In part one of this blog entry on external collaboration we discussed whether it was possible to collaborate with competitors, what the risks are and how best to manage them. Here, in part two, I'll be - Read More...
Posted by davidw on 21.08.12
Collaboration Part 1: Is it really possible to collaborate with competitors? Current economic conditions place huge pressure on organisations. We are required to constantly innovate ways to produce more with less. Our products, services and systems must flex quicker - Read More...
Posted by davidw on 01.08.12