He only profits from praise who values criticism

Heinrich Heine


The Advisory Group

The Impact Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility (CSER) Group

Impact believe that organisations and communities can and should be brought together for mutual benefit and learning. We have established a CSR proposition with a mission to specialise in the integration of learning and development with Corporate Responsibility, as a powerful model for inspiring positive change in the world.

For over a decade we have developed powerful, tailored Community Action Programmes for the benefit of our clients and community partners. This flourishing practice is furthered through the guidance and direction of our Corporate Social and Environmental Advisory Board.

Our CSR practice and Community Action Learning Programmes achieve the following:

- Integrating CSR with learning and development. Impact is recognised as an authority on innovative, corporate community engagement programmes delivering powerful learning and development.

- Organisational transformation. Impact drives organisational change through corporate social responsibility and the wider sustainability agenda by harnessing powerful developmental and learning methods.

- Inspiring a sustainable business model. Impact is a profitable model of social and commercial innovation.

The Purpose of the Advisory Group

The purpose of the Group can be summarised as follows:

  • Critique of our proposition. Impact aspires to an organisational model which blends social and commercial innovation. The Advisory Group is well placed to inform and guide our commercial proposition, properly positioning our CSR practice within the marketplace.
  • Programme review. The skills and expertise of the Group are effectively applied to the ongoing review of our worldwide Community Action Learning Programmes. This ensures proper alignment between community, client and Impact interests.
  • Commercial rigor. We are well aware of the vulnerable nature of the populations and communities with whom we work. Our Advisory Group serves to ensure we have safeguarded the interests of these stakeholders and implemented the highest standards of risk management practices.
  • News and information. Impact cannot expect to lead in these services without continuously learning from the national and international environment. The Group provides an effective channel for relevant information and networks.
  • Dialogue and discussion. To continue to evolve and refine this practice, we need a constructive channel for healthy debate and discussion. The Advisory Group serves as a forum to provoke, stimulate, and challenge our practice to foster it’s health and growth.

CSER Advisory Group Members

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